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About Us

About Us

Pusat Bahasa Maya (PBM) is established by the management of GED Center Sdn Bhd (1202714-V).

Pusat Bahasa Maya is a meeting place of “lively people”. This has helped us in achieving tremendous success and in gaining an enviable position as the pioneer in providing quality training for different languages, such as Malay, Arabic, Mandarin, French and German Language. The center also provides specialized training for preparation for SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS/GED/EPT etc. Besides the language teaching, the center also provides Tuition facilities for UPSR, PT3, SPM, IGCSE etc. The center helps the students to get admission in the renowned Universities at country and abroad.

At Pusat Bahasa Maya (PBM), the most trusted name in Malaysia for education, we help and guide the students in shaping their dreams and visions.

Institution Profile:

Pusat Bahasa Maya is a Malaysian language center that provides qualitative and intensive language teachings for both local and foreign students. The language center is managed by highly qualified and specialized academicians and management staff, having a combined years of experiences in educational services, individual and corporate bodies with world class standard, conducive environment and facilities. The students are equipped with adequate technical theories/concepts to improve their written, communication and interpersonal skills in their various chosen careers.

Company Profile:

Established in August 2015, GED Center Sdn Bhd (1202714-V) is a provider of language educational services in Malaysia. Pusat Bahasa Maya is quite different from other learning centers. The Center offers several programs that provides intensive English language, French language, Mandarin language and Malay language instruction to local and international students who want to enter university or learn for personal or other professional reasons. Our programs are designed to provide maximum listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a loving and supportive learning environment. International students residing in Malaysia from around the globe attend language center, and the center assists them in becoming fluent in spoken and written Malay, French and English, and preparing them for their further studies.

Students are driven to build strong language skills and given the opportunity to practice grammar and vocabulary skills through conversation in classrooms as well as the environment overall. The center is focused on preparing students who want to enter universities, by providing classes with experienced instructors.

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to provide the best possible Language programs for all individuals who either want to enroll in a university or simply improve their language skills. Our mission is based on our quest to build positive intercultural relationships globally, as well as a strong commitment of delivering a high level of language courses by professional and creative native speakers.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to persist as the premier language center of choice by all foreign and local students in Malaysia. We also believe that through the mutual cooperation of our students that we can both achieve our objectives and goals to deliver qualitative education in various international languages according to our students’ choices.


To provide students opportunities to take part in a broad range of speaking and listening activities, so that verbal work becomes the basis for written work.

  1. To enable students to use various kinds of written languages effectively for creative expression and practical communication by extending their grammatical and syntactical skills.
  2. To provide a base for a continuous study of language.
  3. To encourage independent study and learning including the use of libraries, reference books and computer based materials.


PusatBahasa Maya (PBM), [JPWP-WZ10088] is a language center, wholly owned by GED Center SdnBhd(1202714-V).Established with the aim of promoting the importance of language skills & education and its applications in our increasingly global environment, PusatBahasa Maya has already marked its position effectively in language teaching and related education sector. At PBM, teaching methods are given extreme importance and the studentsare our main priority. We want our students to talk to us, so that they can talk to the world!